NADmed is a translational development project from University of Helsinki. The NAD assays are developed at Anu Wartiovaara's lab to enable research into NAD levels in mitochondrial diseases such as mitochondrial myopathy. NADmed project operates under a Research to Business grant from Business Finland. The business landscape for NAD assays is evaluated and commercialisation routes are explored during the project. The business development team at Helsinki Innovation Services is scouting for partnership opportunities to facilitate adoption of NADmed assay technology. Contact us for partnership and investment opportunities.

Business Developer

Sebastian Soidinsalo

Life Sciences Innovation and Business Development expert with background in diagnostic product development and bioentrepreneurship


Liliya Euro

Biochemist, inventor and developer of assay technologies

Commercial Liaison

Jana Buzkova

Experience in diagnostic metabolic biomarkers

Group Leader

Anu Wartiovaara

A leading scientist in the field of translational mitochondrial disease research with 25+ years of experience​

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