Comprehensive REDOX profiling

Optimal assay technology

NADmed test is ideal for clinical chemistry . It is simple, quick, robust and scalable. Competitive solutions such as mass spectrometry are costly, require expensive specialized equipment and expertise. NADmed  allows accessing the full set of NAD metabolites in their oxidized and reduced forms while competitive solutions can analyze only half. Two patents are pending to secure a solid IP position on the NAD testing market.

In the Press: NAD deficiency in Mitochondrial myopathy

Comparison of NAD+ levels (µM) in health and disease. NAD+ metabolites were extracted and analysed with the proprietary NADmed  in blood of five patients with a specific metabolic disease and compared to six healthy individuals.

Cell Metabolism

Niacin cures systemic NAD+ deficiency and improves muscle performance in adult-onset mitochondrial myopathy

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